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Our Assistant Manager is New, So Please Welcome Ray Yu!

Ray flipped his page into the restaurant industry at age 16, his journey beginning in fast food… and surprisingly, he grew to love more than just the French fries! It was an early lesson that communication and organization were essential for smooth operations. He then transferred to a position at Foxwoods, working in the kitchen, learning new dishes and experiencing the culture of working the ‘line’. In his next transition to Mohegan Sun, he learned the front of the house as a server and bartender. Since, Ray has worked at several high end restaurants and has a genuine appreciation for providing outstanding service. 

He continued his career in the nightlife at multiple nightclubs and eventually landed a position as High Rollers Luxury Lanes as a Supervisor. In such a fun, unique environment, Ray knew he wanted to be apart of a restaurant group that embraced the “fun” element just as much as the professional one. His next chapter was being on the ground floor of Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar, moving from server to supervisor, from front of house manager to kitchen manager and back again! For almost a half a decade, he learned the business side of full operations, from catering and events to management and budgeting. “Getting the team to succeed was what I lived for. One page, one mission.”

Ray’s new chapter at Chapter One Food & Drink in Mystic, CT began in April of 2019. Enamored with the upbeat vibe and unique menu, Ray is fully embracing being apart of the crew. When he’s not playing “bad cop” (we say that because Ray is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet) you can find him camping and enjoying cook outs with his beautiful kids! Haven’t met Ray yet? Stop in Tuesday thru Saturday to meet our Assistant General Manager! 

Favorite Book: The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien… Because in addition to it being one of the largest fantasy books ever written, he loves that their are so many characters from diverse background and different story lines, all working together to preserve the ring… (hmmm, sounds like managing a restaurant to us)!